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Angels on Broadway

Posted by Phil Cappadora Jr. on February 9, 2015 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The duration of a Broadway show can be unpredictable, but has it occurred to us that a shows appearance as well as success could be divinely orchestrated by a higher power? Do Angels exist among the Broadway community? Creator Michael Merritt of the New Musical "Guardians" has a new and super natural approach to the probability of Angels in America, Arch Angels watching over Broadway Actor's. The Story, "Guardians", follows the life of aspiring actress Angela Cantonelli (Deborah Tranelli)  in the late sixties. Above Angela is Angel "Nathaniel" (Robert Vest) the Guardian of Musicals, watches Angela suffer misfortunes and a series of events that  brings her Broadway career to a halt. But through the test of time redemption emerges for the Cantonelli name. Bastion Cantonelli (Nicolas Baumgartner) son to Angela, reclaims his mothers destiny by becoming a Broadway Actor. Fast forward to the 90's we watch Nathaniel work his Broadway magic toward Bastian as he become strategically placed to be in the right place at the right time. As fate would have it Bastian becomes reconnected with his Father, Sebastian, a Broadway director by auditioning for the up and coming musical "Remember Me".

Guardians the New Musical will be led by Director Tricia Brouk with Michael Merritt and Breighanna Minnema this Summer, 2015. Among the cast are as followed; Deborah Tranelli, Natalie Douglas, Robert Vest, Josephine Rose Roberts, Jenny Kelly, Ragina O'Malley, Nicolas Baumgartner, Shannon Munley, Meredith Watson, Oakley Boycott, & Phil Cappadora.

All updates on the new musical can be seen on Facebook.

The Guardians: A Novel is now available on AMAZON!


"The Guardians is a love letter to Musical Theatre." Oakley Boycott, American Actress and Singer.

"The Guardians is a very funny and poignant look at New York City show business AND the afterlife. Yeah, this thing clicks. It moves. It's funny." Frank Evans, Tony honored BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.


"In a deliciously unique way, Michael explores the premise that celestial beings do indeed walk among us. And, more importantly, that they care deeply about the human condition and the future hap- piness of us mere mortals in matters simple and complex. Dynamic, flawed and determined personalities exist in all realms and connect us in very tangible ways." Deborah Tranelli, American Actress, Singer, and Dramaturg.


Follow Nathaniel, Roz, Angelina, Rosa, Pixie, and the rest of the Cast of The Guardians as they take you on a very funny and heartfelt journey through love, loss, and Musical Theatre.


"Roz quickly reappeared in Angel Land. “Nathaniel?” she called out. “Come here, please.” Nathaniel jumped into view. “You rang?” he answered joyfully. Roz tried to speak, but Nathaniel interrupted her. “You know, Roz, this story is turning out to be a good one, just as I predicted it would be. I mean, girl meets boy, boy falls in love with girl, girl gets a part on Broadway and... a very talented Angel gets transferred out of World Events into the Angelic Choir or... perhaps an Angelic Theatre Department?” He sheepishly smiled as Roz glared at him. “Just a suggestion...” he shrugged. “NO,” an irate Roz countered. “You can’t be in the choir, you can’t be their director, and you can’t form an Angelic Theatre Company for musical mortals who’ve crossed over!” Nathaniel attempted to speak, but Roz continued, “So get it out of that overly dramatic, theatrical, often out-of-tune musical, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland put on a show brain of yours!” “Awwww,” moaned Nathaniel, defeated. “Look,” Roz added, “do you remember that little department that oversees things like, ummm, oh, let’s see... WORLD EVENTS? Isn’t there a war in their world right now? Have you even heard of Vietnam, Nathaniel?” “Duh,” answered Nathaniel indignantly as he rolled his eyes. “Then shouldn’t you be working on a solution to that problem, rather than creating more problems for yourself and everyone down there?” “Don’t worry, I’ve got some very important mortals on it.” “I’m afraid to even ask,” Roz said, shaking her head. “Who?” “Martha Raye?” suggested Nathaniel timidly, “Bob Hope? Phyllis Diller? Lola Falana? Ann Margret? Do any of these people ring a bell?” Roz just stared as Nathaniel continued. “I’ll even throw Jane Fonda into the mix if that makes you feel better, but I’m not so sure she can sing.”



Helljumper Booms on Youtube

Posted by Phil Cappadora Jr. on April 8, 2012 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Phil Cappadora films Halo "Helljumper" Directed by Dan Wang. The series premiered online this past January. That same day, Phil's Father, Phil Cappadora Sr retired after 27 years of service in the FDNY. Congratulations Mr. Cappadora. Also to you Jr. Good luck to you both! Check out the web series online at www.helljumper.com. Phil Jr performs as "The ROOKIE"

A New Student for the Neighborhood

Posted by Phil Cappadora Jr. on September 13, 2011 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Phil Cappadora has been accepted into the Neighborhood Playhouse Conservetory in NYC for the fall semester , 2011.

"I want to graduate from this school. I know this training will condition me to become the best Actor I am cabable of being".

Congratulation Phil. Good luck!



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